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What happens if I forgot to write an OMR number on an answer sheet?

The computer will recognise it as being yours and automatically deduct 10% for memory loss. Haha. Only kidding. Either your invigilators will breathe a hefty sigh, say Would you believe it, heres another one, look at the seating plan and write your OMR number on it Or the exam board reception team will do pretty much the same thing. Your only problem would be if your paper is not the only one on which someone made the same mistake and the other person is dumber than you. Then again, you forgot to put your OMR number on the sheet, so maybe you are that other person. This is what happens under normal circumstances, but it could be slightly different in the age of Covid. If you can see the same page as I do, youll see that youre not the only one to do this:

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