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Did anyone send his?

Yes my marks increased from 89 to 92 in English. You can check my answer Cbse is a matter of luck after all but yes marks increase after revaluation.... Here goes my story. Results announced... Shocked to see English marks 89 When I always score more than 85 in school only ( you know how checking of English school teacher is in school where we are assured that we would get 95 + ....) . I was quite confident to get more than 95 .. My teacher was shocked as well then she told me to apply for revaluation.. Although initially I don't have any faith in the process but as my teacher insisted, so filled the form .. Following the three steps of revaluation.. First step.. No mistake found Second step.. Photocopy of answersheet Third step.. Challenged them... I showed my answersheet to my teacher, she told me that she noticed that all the papers which were checked by set 2 teacher were awarded marks in 80's... Checker checked the answersheet strictly that is why all received less marks. But I proceeded as guided by my English teacher and challenged the questions that were wrongly checked.... After a week everyone receive mail but not me.. My heart was fluttering and I thought may be my marks were decreasing . At last I wrote mail to cbse about my revaluation and I received mail within half an hour and my marks increased to 92 . I was happy but still less than what I expected but it's OK..... These are some of email ID's that you should write mail if you are not receiving any mail regarding your revaluation... So yes go for revaluation and do write mail to CBSE and your Regional CBSE office like in my case Panchkula.. And at last be confident and have patience if you deserve your marks would surely increase..... Thank you Seema Ma'am for your support and guidance....

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