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How do we check our mistakes by seeing our IELTS writing answer?

Im afraid it is not possible to see your answer sheets for IELTS, or, as far as I know, for any other international English language test. When you register for the test you accept an agreement that the work you produce will not be released to you. There must be reasons for that. For example, it would mean that those questions could never be used again, because they would become public. The process of producing, editing, and trialling test questions for any test is expensive and time-consuming, and to be able to use them only once would make it even more more so. If you think about it, a system for seeing and checking your own papers would need to be controlled and fair, and this would also require another layer of bureaucracy to manage and oversee it, and no doubt more fees. Do you see what I mean? It sounds easy and reasonable to show students their papers, but doing so has a lot of implications. I could give you other reasons, but Ill stop there. I would be interested to hear of any public, widely-used examination system, not just English tests, which agrees to give back the test-takers papers. If they exist, Id like to know how they do it, if they charge for this service, and how they handle the inevitable disputes that would arise from people disagreeing with how their papers were marked.

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