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My name is longer than 25 letters, So can I write Kr instead of Kumar?

This same question was asked by my friend to the invigilator during the boards last year And to clarify ur confusion, I would say that as per cbse the roll no. given by it is very much essential as checking is done according to it. But ur doubt is regarding your name, so there is no need to fear. Write your name as much as possible and if no space is left then leave it suppose ur name contains more than 25 letters ,then you are unable to write your name completely so in that case leave the last 3 letters,i.e verma then write ve only and leave it and never try to write the short form of your names as it can be dangerous Try to write the name given in ur admit card and none other than that. Writing half of the correct would not hamper in comparison to the full of the name that is wrong(not prescribed as per cbse )so this is the simple answer to your question Hope it's helpful Thanks!!!

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