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What does an evaluator expect from UPSC Civil Service Mains answer?

Thanks for the AtoA There are variety of theories on what is provided to evaluators and nobody knows for sure. But yes I think some sort of key is there. However, what do evaluators look in answer sheet is an important question: 1. Simplicity: they are being paid per copy. They have large amount of copies to be checked. Everything is subjective. It is human nature to look for content in such times rather than complexity. 2. Directness: donot beat around the bush come to the point. For example if they have asked about role of youth in electoral politics, do not give large romanticised paragraph on importance of politics. Directly come to point . 3. Legibility: the most important facet of a copy. Dont make examiner gulp cup of coffee after coffee to just make sense of your writing. It is your prerogative to make him understand what you write. These are bare minimum three that any examiner looks in any copy. Evaluators are humans after all. Even after that you need a large amount of luck to get through the examination along with knowledge and content.

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