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What is the correct way to write a board answer sheet and what are?

Here are tips on how to write a board answer sheet - Use the same coloured pen for whole paper . ( Eg. If you use trimax to write paper and it finishes midway then use only trimax to complete the other half) . It makes paper look neat . An important tip: if you have bad handwriting then try to improve it or if you don't have time then when you write answer , maintain proper gap between two words so that it is easy for the examiner to read your answer . After writing your answer , leave two lines or draw a horizontal line with pencil so that it is easy for the examiner to navigate through the answer sheet. Please understand the difference between List , Note , State , Explain , Briefly Explain , etc . terms used in questions. They have different meanings . Please fill in the correct circle of your name and other information and be extra careful with the details . Write your answer in points unless asked to write in a paragraph. Underline important key words like dates , names , places etc. with pencil . Tie your answer sheet or map or graphs with at least two threads and even ask your teacher to staple it to ensure that your complete answer sheet reaches the examiner. DO NOT INDULGE IN ANY MALPRACTICE . Write 'THE END' after finishing the paper . Attach your graph/map inside your answer sheet . Use a sharp pencil to make diagrams , tables and use capital letters to label the diagram . For calculations draw a margin on the right hand side of paper . Draw a margin on the left side of paper to mention question number , part of question , etc . Write the question number against the answer as printed in question paper ( even if the order is wrong ) . You should consult your invigilator before doing this . Don't panic . Don't loose confidence in yourself . Pray to God before the exam . Believe in yourself as you have more potential than you think. Thank you for reading. All the best !

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