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How is a paper evaluation done in Anna University?

Anna University, or at least the evaluators, have a lot of shady practices inherent in them. During my 4 years of education I've seen enough and tired of it. No matter how clearly, precisely you write the most mark you get is within a certain limit. You simply cannot expect to get full marks in written examination without following certain rules. I had no Idea about it and failed in a subject in the very second semester. The Evaluators not only don't read your answers properly past the two mark questions, that too is doubtful, they give marks based on how the answer sheets appeal to them. A very becoming handwriting and drawing skills will be enough to pass the examination by studying the minimum lessons in the syllabus. What happens here is that the students who study to the very last topic in the syllabus, and write very confidently expecting very good grades fall down. Even Re-evaluation do not help them. At some point you'll even think studying minimum and maximum lessons in the syllabus won't make a difference. How you express the answers matters, even with the titbits you have learned throughout the year. For about 80% of the students in every Semester the results were disappointing, and more than half of them got minimum pass grade after re-evaluation- the cost of which is huge. Those who expected reasonable grades, including me, was in disappointment. And finally everyone learns to cope with it by accepting whatever they get, how high or low it was. The Demotivated, lazy evaluators are to blame.

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