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Can a UPSC aspirant see his evaluated Mains answer sheet, through RTI?

There is no use of filing an RTI to check your mains answer script. UPSC will smartly dodge any of your queries with a standard reply on the lines of, the examination process is not yet complete, because the Civil Service Exam 2019 will complete only when final merit list is published sometime in April 2020. By that time, the damage will be done, the list wouldve been published and all the vacancies wouldve been filled. And you can do nothing about it. Its better to do the following instead : Discuss your answers with your mentors and good friends, so that you can find the root cause of your problems. Compare with the answer scripts of toppers, published on various coaching websites. Make a self-introspection, writing down your approach and techniques you applied in your mains exam, on a piece of paper and ponder upon it whether it was really effective.

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