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What should one do when you have the photocopies of the answer sheets?

UTU is really a bogus university, infact a big shame for an institution. I faced a similar situation about an year ago when I was declared to have failed in one of the subjects of 8th semester of B.tech. I was an above average student, good in studies and hence wasn't expecting a backlog, that too in the last semester of engineering. But it happened, and that left me in shock. I felt like my whole life and career was gonna go upside down. What you share do : Apply for re-evaluation since you have your answer sheet and are confident enough of University's mistake during checking. The re-evaluation fee is 5000 (it could've changed since it's been more than a year) to be submitted in the form of a demand draft addressed to the controller of exams, UTU (ask the university officials to confirm this) along with an application and maybe a confirmatory note from a professor of your college in support of your claim for re-evaluation. Wait for months since those inefficient workers at UTU work at a snail's pace. They're rude, ill-mannered and bad tempered. Don't get into an argument with them or they'll screw you badly. Go straight to the controller of exams, who is some Vaisla Sir along with your application since apparently he is the only guy who actually works and he might help you. Irony is, he's not present everyday and catching him is a real battle. Don't go to any other 3rd class employee as they'll only waste your time and give you headache. If possible, go and meet the vice Chancellor who is another good for nothing, absolutely inefficient, stupid and illogical idiot who appears at the office once in a blue moon. If he's willing to help, he might speed things up in your case. Good luck. Hope you don't have to go through what I've endured.

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