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What is the difference that we generally see in answer sheet of a?

An answer paper reflects the calmness and confidence of the student. It can either make or break an examiners mood. Various difference can be seen in answer sheet of a topper and below average student. Few points I remember are: 1. Confidence. The answer paper of a topper would be neat, without scratches. It wont reflect his doubts in the answer rather his complete faith in whatever s/he writes. whereas, the below average student writes without confidence and his paper is full of scribbles. Answer by a topper. 2. Diagrams. A pictorial representation is very easy to understand as compared to a paragraph of 500 words. Toppers generally tend to write less and explain more via scientific diagrams. In comparison to this below average students just writes to fill up his paper and even if he draws, his drawing represents his inner artist and not his studentship. Answer by a Below average student. 3. Clarity. Toppers generally (there can be few exceptions) tend to write clearly. I dont mean a very good hand writing, rather a legitimate one. Where as it is v difficult to read the answers of a below average students. I guess these are the basic difference in the papers.

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