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How should the presentation be on the ICSE board answer sheet?

Draw margins on both sides of the sheet (even if the margins are provided, draw additional ones. ) Leave a line after each answer. Draw lines with pencil after each answer. There should be one main question on each page. If a main question gets completed half way a page, then leave the page and start the next question on the next page. Diagrams to be drawn with pencil only. For labels to a diagram, arrows with pencil and the label with the same pen with which the rest of the paper is written. A diagram cannot be continued on the next page. If you feel the space left on one page is less for the diagram, leave the page. However, your diagram must be big enough. Don't write answers in paragraphs. Use bullets or numberings. After completion of your paper, strike off the remaining pages with a single line, using a pencil. Your answer sheet must look spacious enough.

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