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Have you checked the CA finals answer sheet?

Hye Rinki.. No i haven't checked any of the answer sheets because you have to be an FCA to do this work.. And i am still a ca student. I dont know about how the theory papers are checked but for practical i can tell because at my home ca final answer sheets are being checked. Institute sends a complete solution to each of the checker and they check according to that solution only. There are step markings for each and everything and even the working notes are counted and awarded. Therefore we can say that checking is completely based on icai solution. Results depends upon icai because many a times difference has been seen in marks awarded in answer sheets and marks appearing on result sheet. Why icai does that nobody exactly knows every one gives their own reasons to it. I do not think there is anything related to difficulty level and checking. Checking has it's own parameters. May be results depend upon difficulty level but i am not sure about it. So overall everything depends upon icai and luck.. Give your best and leave the rest that's all i can say.

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