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According to the present situation, will SSC CGL 2018 T1 be delayed?

Hello SSC has released the answer key for SSC CGL tier 2 on 13th April 2018. As per the previous trend with SSC , it could take around 2530 days to declare the result and notify selected candidates for tier 3 (descriptive examination ) . Although tier 3 is scheduled to be conducted in the month of may, the chances of its delay are high. Also, scenario of ongoing CBI investigation could also lead to delay of the examination process further. This was about CGL 2017, it can impact the process of CGL 2018. SSC has released its official calendar for the year 201819 and the tentative date for the notification of SSC CGL is 21.04.2018 - 25.05.2018. It is just a matter of a week and everything will be clear . If the notification is released as per the calendar , examination will be conducted on time (ie 25.07.2018 to 20.08.2018). But, if the notification is delayed then the examination will delay for sure. Sooner or later ssc cgl 2018 will be conducted and this fact is not going to change, i would advise you to keep your preparations intact and dont think of such issues as it is a matter of one week and you will get to know about it all. Prepare your best and excel in the examinations. Hope it helps ALL THE BEST

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