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How can I check my reading and listening answer sheet of the IELTS?

You can check your answers of reading and listening modules. All the answers are available on the internet. You can find the answers of your reading by checking on Google. The answers of listening module can check on the YouTube. Just you have to know about the main heading of the topic of reading passages and listening tests or the serial numbers of the question booklets. The answers should be written in the capital letters and all the spellings must be correct. Your spellings are incorrect even if you have not written s' on the ending of the answer where you should have to write. Check your answers in the right way and also listen carefully, read carefully and write carefully for getting higher band scores. If you are talking about your real IELTS exam, the answers are available after sometime on You Tube(on the test date or one/two days later). You can just search for answers of real IELTS exam held on (test date). You should know all the answers which you have written on the answer sheet to make right prediction of your score. Have a nice day! Good luck!

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