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Would it be a great offence if I had written my roll number inside?

YES you will sentenced to 40 years of prison. All your property will be confesticated. (even the clothes you are wearing that includes your undergarments) Your parents will be sent to jail too. Not only your parents, all your relatives wil also be sent to jail. you will fined 1 billion USD. you will beaten 100 times heavily with lashes everyday. you will be given only 2 rotis to eat everyday. you will not be allowed to meet anyone during these 40 years. you will have to work 12 hours a day in jail to survive, otherwise you will not given any food. There would be electric fences everywhere, if you try to escape you will get a 440 V shock and killed instantly. you will be declared as a traitor in your country by your government. you will have to clean the shoes of the jailor officers with your tongue. OH ! I am extremely sorry. I thought you are a NORTH KOREAN. If you are an INDIAN, NO

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