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What is your opinion of the Madras High Court order restraining IIT?

It's clear that some people are abusing the right to appeal against injustice. Last year, there were a few wrong questions and a few bonuses given, for which I felt it was justified on the part of few students to go and appeal in the court. But that seems to have given confidence to a few people who feel they can and should challenge everything that goes against them. Firstly I feel that it's totally fair to give marks to students who marked both 7 and 7.00. What exactly do these apealers want? Those who didn't know how to solve the question and those who got the answer as 7, to get the same marks. If that is the case, then I feel they are just venting out their frustration of not doing well on the organisers of the exam, and such a case doesn't even deserve a hearing in my opinion and I think there would have been a much bigger protest if people who marked 7 were not given marks. The day JEE advanced was held, people were complaining about calculative questions and how tough it was to get an exact answer and now when IIT's have given a range of answer which will be accepted, they seem to have a problem with that as well. And nowhere in the paper it was written that only a particular value will be accepted, not a range. They just told- Find your answer, round it off and mark it and if they felt it was close enough, they have given marks. I feel IITK has done a wonderful job in firstly setting up a beautiful marking scheme where they have almost eliminated the chances of guessing and taking the quality of paper slight closer to the subjective days and then deciding to allow a range of answers, which in my opinion was the best way to separate the good students. Hate comments are welcomed

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