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What if my farra get caught and staple to the answer sheet and put?

Honest answer ahead, going anonymous for obvious reasons. After you are charged in the UFM case, the universitys authorities will set up a committee after the semester exams, which will put up a schedule on the website (something like Notice-Regarding UFM cases), so youll have to keep an eye on the Notices/Examination Notices section of the universitys website. This schedule will be the one where youll be called to present your justification in front of the aforementioned committee and a decision will be taken regarding you & other such cases, which they wont tell you there but upload on the website within a week or so after the meeting is held. There are, generally, two types of decisions possible: Exonerated with strict warning (In this, youre freed from all the charges and your exam wont be cancelled i.e. your answer sheet will be checked.) Cancelled/Inabsentia Cancelled (In this, your exam will be cancelled, answer sheet wont be checked and in your final result of that particular subject, a C will be mentioned instead of your marks in your Major/Semester examination marks section with the overall result of that subject), like the image below: Now, comes the honest part of the answer after telling you whatll exactly happen: Theres a .1% chance thatll youll be exonerated. Dont carry hopes that youll get ample time to justify or even cry in guilt as they call 10 students at a time and just ask their names, jokingly ask about the reason behind what all youve done and will send you back as soon as you raise your voice/ try to give your perspective, irrespective of how legit it could be. Crying wont help as they see students crying every semester but dont pay heed to that. For that particular day, only these particular people will treat you like youve murdered someone. Even if youll ask the directions of the office, youll be treated as if youre a high-rated criminal. So, just dont mind if that happens, its a general thing and isnt person-specific. Try to be as calm as possible as you never know, the result might favour you. Rest all is luck, so, all the very best! Try to not to something like this again because this day could create an embarrassing memory in your mind.

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