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Is it safe to apply 12th board papers for re-evaluation?

After applying for re-evaluation, just keep in mind that you will get the marks that you actually DESERVE, which might be much better or even worse than what you got previously. The first time, there is load on teachers, there is pressure, they might make mistakes and at the same time ignore some. But during rechecking, the justice will prevail, of course. And the truth might be bitter for some. I personally feel, only those students shall apply for re-evaluation: who are either failed by a slight margin; (this is the best they could do) or who were expecting really well but just saw their worst nightmare become a reality ( have confidence and, you go man! ) For those who think that they might have got a little more, in my opinion, should never do this. As mostly the marks are reduced a little bit, and for those who are extremely lucky the marks will remain unchanged. All the best for those applying and .happy decision making for those who are considering!

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