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Is is true that teachers get paid more for checking answer sheets in?

Well Iam not a teacher, but I have come across many teachers who check CBSE 12th board papers.A teacher gets 25 rupees for checking each answer sheet. And one thing I would tell you is that there can be two consequences of their ignorance Case 1- when they have mistakenly ignored your mistakes. Result- No student will reject or complain about the checking and accept their marks as God's gift. Case 2- when the teacher ignored your whole answer or a part of it and checks on the basis of pages filled or handwriting (or any other possible basis). Result- No sincere student will accept those marks if he/she feels like his/her marks are underrated. He /she will apply for Revaluation. And if the marks are changed after revaluation, then a direct 500 rupees will be deducted from that teacher's salary who checked your answer sheet. So, you can see that no teacher is going to ignore your answers as nobody would like to bear a loss of 475 rupees for checking one paper. Hope it helps! P.S.- this is a secondary information for me also. So there are chances of this being wrong too.

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