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Is CA Final May 2018 attempt's result will be declared in one month?

No, you have heard it wrong. Lemme tell you the procedure. Your copies will be checked in same procedure like before. They have make you to write in black pen because they will scan checked copies and save them in cloud to reduce the time taken in order to provide students their copies who ask for their copies. Earlier what happens it took months for one to get his copies and one does not get enough time to see their mistakes and all sort of things one wants to know. So, earlier your copies were kept in physical form. Now in electronic. Scanning and uploading blue pen copies take more size as it is coloured scan resulting to more costly as these copies are to be saved on cloud so that every branch of icai can have access to these copies. That is the reason icai made students to write theie paper with black pen only. The answer to your question is the result will come on it usual time. Hope it helps. Do upvote if it helps and follow me for more ca related queries.

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