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Hypothetically, if I were to graduate, and sell my answer sheets to?

You are young and with a slender age comes inexperience in moral questions. See morals is not something some guy tells you about what you should do. Morals is also not about getting a nice rewards or terrible punishment based on your choices. Morals are how you see yourself. One of the greatest gifts ever is self respect. Sadly many people would not even know what that is. They gave it away for nothing. It is this feeling that comes when you look in the mirror and can say: it was not easy but I respect myself for how I got here. There are a lot of people that take the easy road. If they can make a buck they quickly sell their mother or kids. If it is convenient they will lie, or steal. So in that light think about your decision. On the one hand you could encourage others to take the easy road. The, do not really learn, just pretend, get the right answers and get an entire meaningless certificate so I can pretend to get a job for which I am not suited. And you could make money with it as well. Just sell your answers... money is money. Who cares where it came from. Or you could say: This is not me. I do not want to earn by encouraging a lie. Sure. You do not make the money. Maybe someone else will in your place. But over the long run you will be a different person. Now imagine you do not get caught. What would you do. There is a lovely book by Sidney Poitier: The measure of a man. At my school there was a guy who rarely excelled in anything. Mediocre grades, cheating at every opportunity. At the end of the graduation year he spoke with me about applying at the job office before the holidays instead of thereafter. I was amazed. I told him I always had seen him as lazy and without passion. The early move to job office was new. He corrected me. The point was that he would then earlier get unemployment payouts... A few years later I walked in Amsterdam. Nice lady on the arm, suit, chatting. I felt happy. Some beggar on the street walked with me, staring. I glanced sideways and barely recognized him. I sent the lady home ahead and got him a meal. Had not eaten in some days. Shaking, malnourished. Still angry with society and full of things that should happen before he would lift a finger. Destiny is a short word for the culmination of the effects of our choices.

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