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How many pages should we write for UPSC Mains answer?

It's an important question by the way. Many aspirants are thinking about the word limit in answer writing. I had the same feeling too. So what's the best way? Download the model answer booklet from UPSC official website. I observed- For 100 words, upsc put one page. I set this parameter in my mind and prepared like this only. So for GS answer one and half page for 150 words answer. In original booklet, you'll have two pages for this answer because one and half page cannot be maintained as question answer book. In some questions complete two pages will be used and in some only one and half. It depends on nature of questions. Now coming to essay: around 1200 words. Right? means 12 pages around ( means 6 sheets). But what I learnt is - Essay is a paper, where UPSC leaves you to roam around maximum possible dimensions in an interesting and creative manner. It simply shows, how much Flow is maintained in the essay, Dimensions and relevance is maintained, Introduction is showing the information about the all story, which you are going to create, Conclusion is must. Conclusion is what? It's nothing new or some extra planetary suggestions. Basically before writing conclusion, you should read again your written essay. Now put the all in few words in different styles After analysing above points, you'll come to know that you should write 1113 pages for an essay. Special Note- in my first main exam, essay paper, I took little time to adjust. Adjust what ? UPSC main question answer booklet is not exactly A4 size, it's broader one. So may be you are in the habit of writing on A4 actually. It means on an average 2 A4 pages becomes equivalent to 1.5 page of UPSC paper. Also upsc doesn't leave space in sides and bottom of page. Only upper side bit space is left (Header). In test series, we have like this for GS 150 words answer

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