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How does the OMR answer sheet checker work?

We all know how OMR sheets work right? We have to mark the corresponding options with our pencils and then it goes for the checking process. The checking process is divided into multiple steps of course, and that is what your question is about. So let me explain what happens with a clear look into it: Scanning - A special scanner is used for OMR sheets and forms. The scanned data is run through software made to extract data from the digital versions of the sheets. Reading - The OMR sheet checker reads through the scanned images of the sheets. The checker identifies the specifically marked circles on the OMR sheets. This information is then matched against any provided answer key to see if the answers are correct or not. After the reading process, the score is evaluated using numerous checks to make sure that there has been no attempt at tampering with the OMR sheet to manipulate the score. For examination security, agencies like Innovatiview regularly use OMR sheet checking technology to ensure fair and secure exams. To ensure better security, the extracted and evaluated data is even stored in secure storage online. Different organisations have different scanning processes of course, but the basics remain the same throughout.

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