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How does ICAI evaluate answer papers?

Hi, thanks for A2A. Well, Ill answer this from my perspective. When I used to write exams, there was no facility of getting the copy of answer papers and there was no question of knowing how ICAI evaluate answer papers. Rather I would suggest to change the question to How should I write the paper?. Dont worry about their evaluating pattern, you write the answer as per you methodology. What is most important is content written and to an extent the way of presentation (As in ease in connecting the dots while checking). Get the content and meaning of the answer for any question in your mind and then you can very well present it in your own plain language except for the technical terminology. Write the answer to the point instead of dragging, may be in bullet points also. Your answers should be easy for the paper checker to read and should have the content of the answer. For practical sums, keep giving reference of notes, if any. The link of paper checker should not get break and he should get all the content ready one after the other along with requisite matter. Theres no particular format to write the exams, just give your best shot and keep it simple and clean. This will definitely help Cheers!! P.S. : Believe me, I am telling this out of my own experience.

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