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Can someone lodge an RTI complaint to find his answer sheet for a?

Thanks for A2A. Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) was established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh on 8th May 2000 vide Act No. 1248(2)XVII-V-I-I-19-2000 Uttar Pradesh Adhiniyam Sankhya 23 of 2000. So as it is a government institute it completely comes under purview of RTI.You can ask for photocopies for your answer sheet via RTI. On the website of UPTU , the format for RTI application is given , you may download it. Also , it is mentioned that the registrar is Public Information Officer , so you may also directly approach him/her and ask about details such as fees of the said information. As you have mentioned you need the answer sheet , so the fees of the information might be more than normal 10 rupees. To know exact fees you need to contact registrar ,and proceed with your application accordingly.

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