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Besides Axisa Academy, is there a coaching institute in India that?

I had joined AXISA for 2 years. Std 11th and 12th. It was the only tuition I have ever joined for any subject. I got learn a lot apart from maths.I must admit, Mr. Akashs teaching skills have inspired me a lot to become a freelance trainer. In Axisa Academy, there is no escape from learning and no mercy for procrastinators. THAT IS FOR SURE. I have witnessed folks being punished for not doing the work assigned and this eventually helped even an average student pass the respective examinations gracefully. Well this is rare. Where other organizations focused on gathering the crowed, Axisa stood for quality education and innovative learning at respectively affordable prices. Apart from daily assignments, collection of homework from students home, cabs for students just to ensure they they reach home safely, smart boards and ACs, one can think of Axisa as an experience. Thats what it does. Instead of shoving maths, formula, and theory into ones tiny brain, it provides an experience of learning, visualize and understand stuff. Great work Mr. Akash.- A Big fan.

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